Introducing Quarantine Manager™ 

A person my take 10-14 day to start showing symptoms of a virus, so we store data for 12 months allowing you to look back at historical data stored in our encrypted cloud Quarantine Manager™.

Quarantine Manager™ also has both high level and granular reporting based on sites, departments, stated or even countries. We also provide detailed analytics allowing you to see trends including potential hot spots within your organisation, groups, department and right down to the individuals Social Distancing and Contact Tracing performance.

Quarantine Manager™ is a secure cloud hosted enterprise grade Contact Management, Alerting and Contamination Chain Audit Reporting Platform. 

Our sophisticated enterprise platform anonymously tracks and monitors your staff or visitors and the contact they have with others. If someone reports in that they feel unwell, have  COVID-19 symptoms or test positive to COVID-19 or any other potentially infectious virus the platform can automatically notify the people they have come in contact with.

The Quarantine Manager™ communicate to your site using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gateways position around your office. If required, we can also work with you to securely integrate with government databases and third-party applications.

It's time to protect your staff and your business!

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