What is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing is a process used to understand how an infectious disease is spreading. Contact tracing has two purposes: to figure out who a sick person caught an illness from, and to find out who they’ve been in contact with while infectious.

In the event that an employee or a visitor to your organisation has Coronavirus, contact tracing will allow you to quickly identify and isolate them, and those they came in contact with. Helping you protect your staff and your company as a whole.

How our Contact Tracing Works?

CT Discovery can be purchased as a stand alone solution or as a part of an add-on to our Social Distancing solution. 

Each time a student, employee or visitor comes within 2 meters or 6 feet of another tag, both tags will vibrate, flash and chirp alerting both individuals that they are too close and a record of this contact will be recorded and transmitted to our Secure Enterprise Cloud Platform.

It's time to protect your staff and your business!

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